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Recognized at "Invitation Only" Event for Industry Leaders

May 21, 2013 -- LAFAYETTE, LA – John Nugent, owner of Shipping Etc. (http://shippingetc.com) in Lafayette recently attended the By Invitation Only National Mail & Parcel Center Industry's "Masters Summit" in Palm Desert, CA. At the event, held May 3-5, Nugent was recognized for gross sales in the Top 10 percent of the country for similar-size stores, based on his sales volume with UPS, FedEx, DHL and the USPS.

The event was designed to recognize sales leaders like Nugent, and, to gather input and suggestions regarding the mail and parcel industry's future, said Steve Merrick, of MPC Coaches Network, which sponsored the retreat.

"John's opinion not only matters, but is critical as we evolve our services and outreach to customers who need packing, shipping and business support services," added Merrick. During the retreat, Nugent participated in group discussions focused on social media and modern marketing, state-of-the-art store designs, financial strength assessments, business analysis and actively planning for the future.

Shipping Etc., located at 3209 West Pinhook Road, is the largest packaging, crating and shipping center in the Acadiana area and is the only independently owned UPS Authorized shipping outlet in Lafayette.


Shipping Etc. Named Top 100 ASO for 6th Year

March 1, 2013 -- Lafayette, LA-based expert shipping store, Shipping Etc., has just been named by UPS as one of the top 100 Authorized Shipping Outlets for 2012. There are currently more than 4,500 UPS Authorized Shipping Outlets in the nation, making this recognition a very special achievement.

According to owner John Nugent, “We are proud to be ranked number 37 of all the ASOs in the country. We continuously strive to offer the highest quality of service and superior value shipping to both individuals and businesses.” The awards are based on several criteria including customer service and customer feedback, revenue produced and industry knowledge.

In addition to being an Authorized Shipping Outlet (ASO) for UPS, Shipping Etc. also offers DHL, FedEx and United States Postal Services. Customers can also take advantage of the company’s private mailbox rentals.

Shipping Etc. features expert packaging and custom packaging services for everyday or odd shaped and large items using the latest packaging technology. Shipping Etc. also offers their SHIPSAFE program which guarantees any item they package will arrive undamaged or your money back.

Shipping Etc. also features a comprehensive selection of business services, including printing services, copying, laminating, faxing, scanning and notarization. Shipping Etc. is the largest packaging, crating and shipping center in the Acadiana area and is now the only independently owned UPS Authorized shipping outlet in Lafayette.


Shipping Etc. Recycles Used Packing Peanuts

February 1, 2013 -- Shipping Etc. in Lafayette is now collecting used packaging loose fill or "packing peanuts." Shipping Etc. will accept clean plastic peanuts from local residents and reuse them in their outgoing packages. Owner John Nugent says, "Peanuts offer excellent protection for our shipments and can be reused many times. We are providing our neighbors a convenient way to recycle plastic peanuts."

While packing peanuts remain a popular method of protecting package contents during shipping, they cannot be processed by most traditional recycling services, and disposal can be inconvenient. Some peanuts are made of biodegradeable ingredients such as cornstarch, however others made of polystyrene are less environmentally friendly and can take hundreds of years to decompose. Shipping Etc. is committed to lessening this environmental impact by reusing the peanuts.

Businesses and individuals who wish to recycle their packing peanuts can simply drop them off at Shipping Etc., located at 3209 West Pinhook Road, during business hours. Shipping Etc. is open Monday through Friday, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Holiday Shipping Tips for Acadiana

November 30, 2011 -- The key to hassle-free holiday shipping is to plan ahead, know the rules, pack carefully and ship early, says John Nugent, owner of Shipping etc. (http://shippingetc.com), located at 3209 West Pinhook Road in Lafayette. Following are eight tips to help Acadiana residents ship smarter, easier and cheaper this holiday season:

1. PRICE IT - Not every shipping center charges the same price. Note the weight, package dimensions and destination zip code of your package, then call around to find the best deal.

2. SHIP EARLY - Things get crazy in the shipping business after December 13, so plan ahead and ship early in the month. You'll avoid the rush and the inconvenience of standing in line, and you won't have to worry about delays caused by winter weather in late December. If you have to wait until the last minute, you have the option of shipping via air service—but be prepared for your $30 gift to potentially become a $130 gift due to the increased shipping costs of getting it there overnight.

3. FRAGILE ITEMS - Fragile items often require large boxes to accommodate more internal packaging to protect the item during transit. This can increase shipping costs, and, because of the sheer volume of packages being transported at this time of year, the possibility of breakage also increases. Try to avoid shipping very fragile items at this time of the year.

4. CORRECT ADDRESS - Make sure your package has the correct, updated address on it. Incorrect addresses can lead to long delays and non-delivery of Christmas gifts.

5. NO ALCOHOL - No carrier will knowingly accept alcohol from an individual for shipment anywhere in the U.S. due to flammability concerns and local tax regulations.

6. FROZEN FOOD - To keep your gift of goodies from becoming a dripping, smelly, mess when it arrives at its destination choose foods that take a long time to thaw, such as sausage or smoked meats. If the recipient is within 200 miles, you can probably ship your frozen food via ground service to arrive safely the next day. If the package is going more than 200 miles, you’re better off shipping via air service. Also be sure someone is there to receive it, otherwise it’s up to the driver’s discretion to decide whether or not to leave the package or try again the next day. With the high volume of shipping during the Christmas season, chances are they’ll leave it on the doorstep, open to the elements and passing critters. Most shipping centers are fully equipped to pack frozen foods using either dry ice or frozen gel packs so unless you’re absolutely sure of what you’re doing, leave the packing to the professionals.

7. SECURITY - If you use your own packaging, leave the box unsealed when you bring it to the shipping center. Shipping centers will often do a quick security inspection on prepackaged items to be sure packages are in compliance with shipping regulations. Leaving them unsealed speeds up the process.

8. RECYCLED PACKAGING - Check the integrity and strength of the box. Some used boxes have been banged around and don’t offer as much protection for your gifts. Once you know the box is in good shape, remove or cover ALL old labels. Much of shipping is automated, and an old barcode could send your box to the wrong place. When in doubt, just buy a box. New boxes are inexpensive, protect your items and look nice for your recipient.

Shipping Etc. is the largest packaging, crating and shipping center in the Acadiana area. The company ships to more than 220 countries worldwide, and is the only independently owned UPS-authorized shipping center in Lafayette.


Nugent Receives IPPC Certification

October 17, 2011 -- John Nugent, owner of Shipping Etc., today announced the company's certification by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) for the local construction and export of shipping crates. This certification means that shipping crates built by Shipping Etc. will be allowed to enter more than 138 IPPC participant countries which restrict wooden packaging to prevent the import of potentially devastating bugs and organisms into those countries.

“This certification demonstrates Shipping Etc’s commitment to provide turnkey crating, packaging and shipping service with worldwide coverage” said John Nugent, owner of Shipping Etc. “Previously, items exporting to countries that required IPPC-certified crating were sent to Houston for packaging. Now Shipping Etc can offer the service right here in Lafayette which saves our customers time, reduces transportation costs and allows customers to maintain better control of the whole process.”

Shipping Etc. is the largest packaging, crating and shipping center in the Acadiana area. The company ships to more than 220 countries worldwide, and is the only independently owned UPS-authorized shipping center in Lafayette.


Shipping Etc. Launches “Ship Responsibly” Program

August 23, 2011 -- Did you know that many of the things we routinely ship are considered hazardous materials even though most of the items don’t come with warning labels? As the only Haz-Mat Certified shipping center in the Lafayette area, Shipping Etc. (http://shippingetc.com) is keenly aware of the risks related to packing and shipping dangerous goods. In an effort to increase public awareness of the issue, Shipping Etc. is launching a "Ship Responsibly" program in Lafayette and the surrounding area.

"Most people have no idea how many things are considered hazardous," says John Nugent, owner of Shipping Etc. "Companies and individuals often unintentionally ship products and equipment that can actually threaten the lives of the people charged with moving them," he says. "We're talking about everything from oilfield equipment, to auto parts, to batteries, to cosmetics," he explained.

A recent tragedy highlighted the problem. In April 2011, a UPS plane crashed in Dubai after a fire started in the cargo hold. Both pilots were killed. The cargo included numerous packages containing lithium batteries (like those that power many of today's laptop computers and cameras). The batteries were implicated in the incident because lithium batteries contain metal that can spontaneously ignite if exposed to air. In addition, the positive and negative poles in some brands are close together, which can cause short circuiting. Fires involving rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can reach 1,100 degrees F, and lithium-metal battery fires can exceed 4,000 degrees F, easily hot enough to melt an aluminum plane. In this case, none of the packages was labeled hazardous even though international shipping standards require the warning labels.

Similar, though not always fatal, incidents occur every year, on airplanes and trucks, and in various shipping facilities around the country and the world.

"The April incident really brought home the need to educate people about the kinds of things that are considered hazardous," said Nugent. "Industry research suggests that one in 200 parcels presented for shipping these days contains hazardous, prohibited, restricted or illegal contents. That means that a lot of people are being put at risk," he added. In addition, the TSA, which enforces regulations concerning dangerous goods shipped via air, can impose hefty fines for violations. Such fines usually start at $10,000 and can jump into millions of dollars and jail time, depending on the type and scope of the violations.

"It's extremely important that we educate people about potential problems caused by hazardous items, especially since dangerous items are not always easy to recognize," Nugent noted.

The key to the "Ship Responsibly" program is package content disclosure by customers. "We already ask customers if their packages contain hazardous or prohibited items, but now we'll be adding signs and photos of specific items to our customer area, and will add an extensive list of those products to our website to help customers become educated about the issue," says Nugent. He noted that Shipping Etc. has been providing this information to its corporate clients in the area for some time.

Shipping Etc. is the largest packaging, crating and shipping center in the Acadiana area. The company ships to more than 220 countries worldwide, and is the only independently owned UPS-authorized shipping center in Lafayette.


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