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Receiving an item that has been properly packaged impresses the recipient and conveys an image of quality and professionalism. At Shipping Etc. we stock a huge selection of boxes and packaging materials so we always have what is required to package your item to the highest standards.

Our Packaging Services Include:

Foam-In-Place Packaging

Providing the ultimate protection for fragile or sensitive items, Foam-In-Place molds into the contours of the item while cushioning and retaining it in place during transit. Shipping Etc. is the only shipping center to offer this system in Acadiana.

Frozen Shipment/Perishable Packaging

We supply everything required to safely pack and ship perishable food or medical items including a large stock of pre-frozen gel packs. We can also provide dry ice.

Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods

We are the only independent Certified Hazardous Material Packer and shipper within 120 miles of Lafayette. We stock a wide range of Hazardous Materials packaging and labels so we have everything to handle whatever you need.

Offshore Friendly Cushioning System

Packaging peanuts are frowned upon by offshore operators because they can be messy and difficult to dispose of. Our cushioning system utilizes a special three ply paper that is specially crimped together and provides far superior cushioning and void fill performance than packing peanuts. It is also recyclable and easy to dispose of.

Pallet Strapping & Wrapping/Freight Preparation

As the only shipping center in the area that owns a forklift truck and a pallet wrapping turntable, Shipping Etc. can quickly handle your freight and thoroughly wrap pallets for secure shipment. We are also the only shipping center in the area to offer heat shrink wrapping services that provide superior moisture protection for your freight.

Pelican Shipping Cases/High Density Foam Lining/Custom Fit Foam

We stock a range of Pelican Stormcases in various sizes.
Heavier fragile items sometimes require the use of high density foam plank as a cushioning material. We stock both 1” and 2” thick planks and can quickly cut to whatever size you may need. We also offer custom fit foam contouring for securing items in packing and shipping cases.

Container Loading, Bracing and Blocking

Ocean going containers sometimes endure severe weather conditions while shipping and the contents can easily shift and become damaged. Proper bracing and blocking is very important to minimize potential damage to your freight and we have the experience to ensure it’s done right.

Moving & Relocation Services

Fragile item crating, appliance disconnect and shipment preparation, swingset removal, white glove receiving, delivery and set up for a wide variety of furniture and electronic items.

Point to point moving services currently not available at this time.

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